MGNT 3600 - Principles of Management


The application of management science principles to the actual management of operations. Through the application of these techniques, improved decisions are made as to hiring, firing, training, output planning and controlling, raw material acquisition, quality control budgeting, and maintenance expenditures as concerns business processes.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the strategic significance of the operations management and supply chain management functions, and their relationships to other business functions such as marketing and finance
  2. Apply the concepts of productivity, strategy, innovation, competitiveness, optimization, and uncertainty to service and manufacturing operations, and implement steps to enhance them
  3. Apply forecasting models in operations
  4. Analyze and design manufacturing and service processes. Implement job design, work measurement, and business process re-engineering
  5. Apply the concepts of good design for both goods and services
  6. Apply the principles of Total Quality Management, Six Sigma methodology, ISO 9000 standards, and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria
  7. Demonstrate the use of quality improvement techniques such as statistical control charts, flow charts, cause and effect diagrams, and affinity diagrams
  8. Demonstrate sound capacity and facility location decisions
  9. Implement basic inventory models to manage raw material, work in progress and finished goods
  10. Implement alternative approaches in operations planning, such as lean or Just-In-Time systems, synchronous manufacturing, and the Theory of Constraints

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • BUSA 3050 Minimum Grade: C or MATH 2204 Minimum Grade: C or MTH 204 Minimum Grade: C ) and ( MGNT 3600 Minimum Grade: C or MGT 312 Minimum Grade: C

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