Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree

The criminal justice degree will prepare students to enter a field with many career options. Students will take courses in a wide variety of criminal justice-related topics that provide a solid foundation to jumpstart their career. Graduates have the opportunity begin their career in law enforcement (local, state, or federal) or in corrections (security, treatment, etc.). A criminal justice degree is also a solid foundation for those desiring to attend law school to become an attorney. For those already employed in the criminal justice field, a bachelor’s degree will assist in career advancement and open up promotion opportunities.


Area A-F (60 Hours)

Course Course Title Hours
CRJU 3100 Criminal Law 3
CRJU 3110 Criminal Procedures 3
CRJU 3200 Criminology 3
CRJU 3300 Corrections 3
CRJU 3700 Research Methodology 3
CRJU 4700 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 4800 Senior Capstone 3
Course Course Title Hours
CRJU 3250 Crime and Media 3
CRJU 3350 Drugs in America 3
CRJU 3400 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice 3
CRJU 3500 Criminal Investigations 3
CRJU 3501 Criminal Investigations II 3
CRJU 3600 Criminal Justice Administration 3
CRJU 3710 Special Topics in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 3800 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 3810 Victimology 3
CRJU 4000 Internship in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 4110 Law of Criminal Evidence 3
CRJU 4200 Profiling Serial Offenders 3
CRJU 4210 Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System 3
CRJU 4300 Community Corrections 3
CRJU 4350 Family Violence 3
CRJU 4500 Management of Forensics 3
CRJU 4600 Police Problems and Practices 3
POLS 3100 Constitutional Law 3
PSYC 3850 Forensic Psychology 3
SOCI 3800 Development of Criminal Behavior 3
SJUS 3000 Introduction to Social Justice 3
SJUS 4000 Social Justice Culture 3
SJUS 3050 Politics of Social Justice 3
SJUS 4050 Law and Social Justice 3
SJUS 4800 Social Justice Policy Analysis 3

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