POLS 4470 - Alternate Conflict Resolution


This course offers a survey of theories and methods related to alternative dispute resolution and conflict management through lecture, discussion, and experiential activities. Emphasis will be placed on interpersonal conflict and mediation skills.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Understand the continuum of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes and practices and identify the appropriate contexts for use of each process
  2. Identify and apply basic terms, principles, concepts, and theories pertaining to interpersonal conflict
  3. Apply these terms and concepts to reflect on their own past (and future) experiences with conflict, as well as the experiences of others
  4. Apply conflict management skills to current and future conflicts, both in the role of involved party and third party intervener
  5. Understand the mediation process and the methods and skills used by mediators

Credit Hours

Workplace Interpersonal Relationships


  • None

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