× This information does not apply to the BS in Cybersecurity degree through Kennesaw State University. Please refer to cyber.kennesaw.edu for further information related to this degree

Admission & Registration

The eMajor introduction quiz is only required before registering for your FIRST eMajor course. Returning eMajor students are able to register for subsequent eMajor courses without completing the quiz again. Please contact your campus eMajor Liaison if you experience any issues with registration.

Register for eMajor in 4 Easy Steps!


Before you can register for an eMajor course, you must be admitted to a USG eMajor Institution. If you are not already admitted to one of these institutions, your first step is to apply for admission.


All students are required to complete the Introduction Quiz before registering for an eMajor course. You must know your campus student ID number as well as your campus email address to complete the quiz.


You will receive an email from your campus eMajor liaison within 48 hours of completing the Introduction Quiz. This email will include instructions on how to register for an eMajor class.


Once you have completed the quiz and received the email confirmation, contact your academic program advisor. Your program advisor can assist you with choosing courses that will satisfy degree requirements for your chosen eMajor program of study. They can also assist you with planning for future terms.

You are now free to register for eMajor courses through your institutional Banner system during the registration period.

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