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Exams and Testing

× This information does not apply to the BS in Cybersecurity degree through Kennesaw State University. Please refer to for further information related to this degree

Exams in eMajor classes work differently than exams in traditional, on-campus classes, because they are online inside of your class in GoView. Your instructor can choose to offer an on-site proctored exam that would require you to plan and schedule appointments at a testing center. Students should check with each of your instructors to be sure how exams will be administered through out each of your courses.

Proctored Online eMajor Exams Are Earth Friendly and Economical
  • Proctored online eMajor exams reduce costs, energy and resources needed for mailing, faxing, and shredding paper exams
  • Reduction of use of paper, pencils, and ink promote improved environmental quality
  • eMajor proctored online exams save money and landfill space