Is eMajor Right for Me?

Student success is our top priority

Before enrolling in an eMajor program, it is important to assess whether it is the right option for you. Here are a few things to consider

Your Organization and Time Management Skills

eMajor classes are fast-paced; some are as short as 8 weeks long, which means it is easy to get behind if you’re not organized. It is important to manage your time and assignments effectively in order to meet deadlines and have a successful outcome in the course.

Your Family and Work Commitments

Online learning is an excellent option for individuals with families, full-time jobs, or other commitments that make attending on-campus classes difficult. However, it is important to understand that online classes do require a significant time commitment as there will be readings and assignments due each week. Many eMajor students devote time to class work on lunch breaks, after the kids go to bed, or even early in the mornings before work. It is a good idea to evaluate your current routines before enrolling in an eMajor program and to decide where class time may fit into your schedule.

Your Career Goals

Student success goes beyond the classroom. We want our students to find continued success AFTER graduation. eMajor degrees are carefully chosen to align with areas identified by Georgia’s High Demand Career Initiative, which means there is a high demand for employees with these credentials within the state.

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