SOCI 4405 - Applied Workplace Interpersonal Skills


This course provides a substantial experiential learning opportunity that links student interest and sociological principles in an applied workplace setting. Through direct observation, reflection, and evaluation, students gain an understanding of the organizational site, including its structure, mission, interpersonal relationships, power dynamics, conflict, and how these relate to opportunities for possible constructive organizational change. Students produce critical reflection on their experience demonstrating how they have addressed specific learning goals.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Apply basic sociological terms, principles, concepts, and theories related to workplace interpersonal relationships
  2. Understand the processes of interpersonal growth, goal setting, and workplace skills
  3. Identify constructive solutions for implementing change in an organizational setting
  4. Plan and implement an educational in-service presentation around workplace interpersonal skills
  5. Apply conflict management skills in an organizational setting
  6. Describe and analyze personal learning experiences at a workplace organizational site

Credit Hours

Workplace Interpersonal Relationships


  • None

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