ORGL 4690 - Capstone Seminar


A capstone course in which students will demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of reflective learning, conceptual frameworks, goals of their own degree program and/or specialization within Organizational Leadership.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Explain and analyze conceptual frameworks, reflective learning practices, and discipline-specific theories from courses in the students area of concentration
  2. Write critically and logically, applying theories of leadership to particular situations
  3. Explain their own background as a learner and future career plans, considering social and environmental context, influences, and development of skills over time
  4. Evaluate particular problems and case studies using problem-solving skills and self-analysis
  5. Demonstrate a working familiarity with current research methods, citation styles, and presentation techniques
  • Module 1: Critical Awareness and Barefoot Leadership
  • Module 2: Ethics and Decision-Making
  • Module 3: Kolb Redux and Resumes
  • Module 4: Promotions
  • Module 5: Self-Awareness and the Authentic Leader
  • Module 6: The Imperfect Leader
  • Module 7: Capstone Review
  • Module 8: Wrap-Up Notes & Tasks

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • ORGL 3000, ORGL 3050, and ORGL 4000

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