ITEC 2430 - Cybersecurity


This course provides a fundamental overview of the objectives in cybersecurity systems and lays a foundation for subsequent topical courses in the area of cybersecurity systems. Topics covered include: security risk assessment and management; policies, procedures and guidelines for information security programs; IT security controls and technologies, security standards, compliance, and cyber laws; IT auditing: cyber insurance strategies; and emerging topics.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the origins and nature of cybersecurity and understand the ways it is defined and implemented.
  • Understand the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks that pertain to national, commercial, or personal information environments.
  • Understand the range of tools, technologies, and procedures that can help mitigate those risks and foster resilient, assured operations.
  • Understand how to adjust system protections and responsive actions over time in a changing threat environment.
  • Understand the complex legal, political, social, technical, and regulatory requirements/influences/considerations that relate to cybersecurity.
  • Discuss the basic requirements for developing, implementing, and managing an organizational cybersecurity program.

Credit Hours

Financial Technology


  • None

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