HRMT 3390 - Employment Law


The current status of legal statutes and issues in human resource management is analyzed. Emerging issues and trends are explored.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Determine if workers qualify as an organization's employees or independent contractors, and explain what that distinction means to the organization.
  2. Communicate basic knowledge of Title VII including what is prohibited and who is covered by it.
  3. Describe legislation and federal acts related to diversity issues and explain how they impact an organization's human resource policies.
  4. Analyze situations for possible hostile environment threats and make accurate recommendations to either remediate or prevent hostile environment.
  5. Evaluate selection, performance appraisal and compensation systems for potential disparate impact and/or disparate treatment issues, and make appropriate recommendations regarding defense and/or remediation.
  6. Create a defensible anti-harassment policy and implementation plan.
  7. Distinguish between legal and ethical treatment of workers and explain the impact of failing to treat workers legally and/or ethically.
  8. Analyze employee retirement packages to ensure compliance with ERISA and the OWBPA.

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • MGNT 3600, may be taken as a corequisite.

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