FTA 3890 - Experiential Learning in Payments


Students engage in a team-based interactive virtual experiential learning with a collaborating industry partner to gain on-the-job experience. A virtual collaboration platform is used to enroll, onboard, empathize, reboot, experiment, and deliver business solutions for client problems. Students get mentored, trained, and practice on tools and techniques used in industry. Student progress is tracked using a feedback loop to improve their learning. Prototyping and experimentation are encouraged to understand “real world” issues. Partner companies share their anonymized dataset, tools and techniques. Coaching activities including design thinking, backlog management, and business modeling are used in this course.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Empathize with client problem statement, describe the expected users experience.
  2. Explain backlog management in agile/scrum perspective.
  3. Restate client problem statement in industry perspective.
  4. Demonstrate task board creation and management.
  5. Describe User Sponsor experience.
  6. Present project deliverables.
  7. Practice experimentation and relentless reinvention.

Credit Hours

Financial Technology


  • None

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