POLS 4217 - Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations


This course introduces students to the world of grant-writing and management, and provides an opportunity to experience writing actual grants. Students will learn the process of identifying prospective funders, developing relationship with funders, understanding the basics of writing grants, submitting proposals, working as a collaborative, and preparing for the follow up. Students will apply course learning to write and prepare actual grant proposals.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Understand the nature of philanthropic world;
  2. Manage grant process;
  3. Identify the sources of grants and prospective funders;
  4. Write grant proposals effectively and concisely;
  5. Build partnerships and collaboration;
  6. Develop relationships with funders;
  7. Develop sustainability strategies;
  8. Develop program budget
  • Module 1: Overview & Major Components of Grant Writing
  • Module 2: Understanding (Unmet) Needs & Problems in Communities
  • Module 3: Project Design & Description Logic Model
  • Module 4: Identifying Funders Grant Sources & Grant Writing Resources
  • Module 5: Evaluation Plans and Strategies
  • Module 6: Developing Budget & Justification/Narrative
  • Module 7: Credibility, Capacity & Sustainability
  • Module 8: Reviewing & Putting the Package Together

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • POLS 1101

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