HADM 4402 - Health Information Management


A study of recordkeeping practices in the hospital and physician's office. Emphasis is placed on hospital and medical staff organization, patient record content, procedures in filing, numbering and retention of patient records, quantitative analysis, release of patient information, forms control and design, indexes and register, reimbursement, regulatory and accrediting agencies, and alternative health care delivery systems.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Gain an understanding of the characteristics of health care delivery and settings in the United States.
  2. Become familiar with patient records, including documentation issues, numbering and filing systems, record storage, circulations methods and the electronic health record.
  3. Gain knowledge of the legal aspects of health information, along with coding and reimbursement issues.
  4. Introduce health information management concepts, common to health professionals
  5. Describe characteristics of health care delivery and settings in the United States
  6. Delineate career opportunities for health information management professionals.
  7. Describe types of patient records, including documentation issues associated with each.
  8. Describe numbering and filing systems and record storage and circulation methods.
  9. Explain indexes, registers, and health data collection.
  10. Introduce legal aspects of health information management.
  • Module 1: Health Care Delivery in the United States
  • Module 2: Ethics in Healthcare
  • Module 3: Personal Health Records
  • Module 4: Healthcare Statistics
  • Module 5: Meaningful Use Information
  • Module 6: Motivation in the Workplace
  • Module 7: Healthcare Finance
  • Module 8: Healthcare Revenue

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • None

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