NURS 3197 - Professional Nursing Practice


This course is designed to enhance and facilitate the development of the RN student to the role of a BSN prepared professional nurse. The focus is on developing personal and professional growth to promote better advocacy, critical thinking, educator skills, effective communication, and leadership abilities in a complex healthcare environment. Course content includes concepts from historical contributions and theories that have guided the profession, to promoting professional philosophies, visions, and practices to help prepare for future trends in healthcare. Topics relate to culture and diversity, professional ethics, political and legal issues in nursing, and technology. Students will apply knowledge of standards of practice, evidence-based practice, and caring science to course topics

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create an individual professional nursing development plan considering practice standards, self-reflection, nursing knowledge, and higher education.
  • Apply professional communication principles to collaborative partnerships that assist individuals, families, and groups achieve optimal potential and well-being.
  • Explore current evidence-based practice for the integration of accountability, autonomy, and decision-making in the delivery of safe, ethical, effective nursing practice and quality improvement initiatives.
  • Identify current trends and issues regarding political, economic, historical, social, and technological factors that influence the nursing profession and healthcare delivery system.
  • Discuss application or integration of concepts from selected nursing theories in professional nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of caring science while using professional standards that focus on individuals and families with an awareness of attitudes, values, socioeconomics, and cultural differences.
  • Utilize scholarly inquiry and analysis to support critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and judgment in the professional nursing role.

Credit Hours


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