PMGT 4110 - Project Management Leadership


This course covers project leadership skill development to create and maintain exemplary project teams. Specific focus is given to team communication, leadership, conflict, coaching and empowerment.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply leadership theory and practice to decision making and actions as a manager. 
  • Analyze cross-functional collaboration strategies. 
  • Practice diagnosing complex problems and working effectively with teams. 
  • Develop the appropriate approaches to use in conflict management and negotiation scenarios. 
  • Develop ability to coach, motivate and empower employees using various communication techniques. 
  • Demonstrate increased stakeholder engagement by applying knowledge and skills acquired to keep stakeholders involved in projects.

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • PMGT 3500 Minimum Grade: C and
  • (BUSA 3105 Minimum Grade: C or
  • COMM 1110 Minimum Grade: C)

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