ORGL 3050 - Reflective Seminar II: Self in Context


Graded "Satisfactory" or "Unsatisfactory". A seminar that develops students understanding of the conceptual frameworks for reflective learning and asks students to reflect on and document the social networks, environmental context, and political context that has affected their prior learning experiences.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Analyze previous experiences using conceptual frameworks for reflection.
  2. Identify social influences and community relationships that shaped their reactions to past experience.
  3. Document ethical or theoretical frameworks that influence their decision making and actions.
  4. Evaluate their own self-awareness, using theoretical frameworks for reflection.
  5. Critique their own value systems vis-ЬЪ-vis other value systems that they have confronted.
  • Module 1: Introduction and Course Orientation
  • Module 2: Social and Contextual Influences
  • Module 3: Developing the Self in Context
  • Module 4: Social Interactions- As Team Member and Team Leader
  • Module 5: Core Qualities
  • Module 6: Reflective Concepts
  • Module 7: Final Discussion
  • Module 8: Wrap-Up

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • ORGL 3000

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