NURS 4698 - Senior Project


This course is designed for registered nurses seeking a BSNdegree. A senior project will focus on evidence-based principles and theoretical frameworks to guide the discovery, synthesis, and dissemination of information related to a selected clinical topic.

Learning Objectives

  • Create an evidence based change project designed to improve health care and patient outcomes
  • Summarize concepts of safe practice to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • Interpret sound evidence to make appropriate clinical decisions about health care.
  • Evaluate the use of informatics in nursing practice to improve patient care.
  • Summarize the quality improvement process to ensure patient safety and to meet desired clinical outcomes.
  • Describe the communication process within the interdisciplinary healthcare team that is used improve patient outcomes.

Credit Hours



  • NURS 3195, NURS 4192, NURS 3279 or NURS 3194, NURS 3276 or NURS 3293, and NURS 4292 with grades of C or better

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