MGNT 4190 - Strategic Management


A study of business strategy and strategic planning in relation to company resources, the environment, and changes which may bring opportunities or threats. An opportunity to apply ones skills through strategic case analysis and through the management of a manufacturing firm in a computer-simulated business situation.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate their ability to utilize and integrate subject matter from the various functional business areas.
  • Demonstrate and apply their knowledge of general management of the entire organization to specific business scenarios and cases.
  • Describe and define the things managers must do to make business succeed over the long haul by building defensible competitive advantages.
  • Correctly identify strategic issues and emerging trends in real life scenarios and identify and assess (and choose) strategic options for dealing with these emerging scenarios.
  • Conduct sound strategic analysis in varied industries and competitive situations.
  • Formulate a sound strategic plan, develop sound tactics, and implement and execute effectively.
  • Understand and apply analytical tools in problem identification, strategy formulation, and decision implementation. Effectively assess the financial and operational performance of an organization.
  • As part of a team, effectively run a global manufacturing firm in a simulated competitive environment. Be able to compete successfully with collegiate teams from around the nation and world.
  • Effectively research and write critical case assessments/papers of the type and quality demanded in industry.
  • Speak about and discuss current and emerging business issues with sound knowledge and confidence.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the actions taken by superior leaders in building supportive teams of employees and building supportive organizational culture as they develop sustainable competitive advantages in their firms.

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • MGNT 3600 Minimum Grade: C or MGT 312 Minimum Grade: C ) and ( MKTG 3800 Minimum Grade: C or MKT 320 Minimum Grade: C ) and ( BUSA 3150 Minimum Grade: C or BUS 313 Minimum Grade: C ) and ( BUSA 3050 Minimum Grade: C or BUS 350 Minimum Grade: C

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