PMGT 4410 - Strategic Project Management


This is the last course toward a degree in Project Management. It is designed to provide students an opportunity to apply knowledge gained throughout the program.  The capstone requires students to demonstrate project management concepts and tools in a simulation exercise and/or a real-world project assignment. Students will create a project plan, use project management software, and develop strategies for executing, monitoring/controlling and closing a project, including considerations of scope, time, cost, communications, risk, and stakeholder management.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply project management concepts and tools to create a project plan.
  • Determine project deliverables, resource requirements, work breakdown structure, and project schedule using project management software.
  • Identify risks and opportunities for the execution of a project.
  • Develop strategies for assessing progress and overcoming challenges.
  • Prepare communication for project status, changes, budget, and closure.
  • Demonstrate leadership principles in the project team and stakeholder domains.

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • PMGT 3500
  • PMGT 3570
  • PMGT 3640 Minimum Grade:  C

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