SOCI 3370 - Strategies for Conflict Transformation: Theories & Tools


This course covers theories that explain the origins of conflict, factors that contribute to escalation and de-escalation, and the theories and strategies of conflict transformation. Because this class is about strategies for conflict transformation, it may be particularly appealing if you are considering a career in government, the non-profit community, consulting, academia, law, business, public administration, social work or education. People in these professions are frequently charged with summarizing, analyzing, and conducting research. And this is certainly a useful course for anyone considering an advanced degree in social science disciplines. But again, this is a course designed for anyone interested in gaining skills of solving conflicts in the workplace and society.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Understand the origins and causes of conflict
  2. Understand different perspectives and emotions involved in conflicts
  3. Develop strategies to manage and transform conflict
  4. Explain and apply principles, concepts, and theories pertaining to conflict’s origins, escalation and transformation

Credit Hours

Workplace Interpersonal Relationships


  • None

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