ORGL 3400 - Technology for Organizations


Development of intermediate and advanced skills in the use of spreadsheet, database, communication, and presentation software. Emphasis is placed on creation of computer projects appropriate to the students major.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a mastery of basic system commands and concepts used in the Windows environment.
  2. Use a word processing package to create newsletters, brochures, programs, tables, and other textual documents that incorporate text and graphics.
  3. Use both word processing and database software packages to prepare and print mailing labels and form letters to be used for mass mailings.
  4. Use a linear presentation software package incorporating text and graphics to prepare on screen class presentations, transparencies, class note-taking handouts, and speaker notes.
  5. Use the advanced functions of an electronic spreadsheet package to construct sophisticated worksheets for budgeting and grading projections as well as graphs and charts for educational presentation material.
  6. Use a database management software package to set up class projects where students create, manipulate, print, and maintain data files, for illustrative groups of students.
  • Module 1: Operating Systems Overview
  • Module 2: Creating Documents & Graphics in MS Word
  • Module 3: Creating Budgets & Charts in MS Excel
  • Module 4: Utilizing MS Access for Data Management & Integration
  • Module 5: Creating Presentations & Handouts in MS Powerpoint

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • None

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