BUSA 2106 - The Environment of Business


This course provides the business student with a study of the interrelationship of law, ethics and regulation in business. The course also covers government regulation of business activities and the legal environment within which business must operate. One of the main objectives of this course is to provide the student with enough knowledge to spot legal business issues and to know when it is prudent to seek legal advice. This course is not designed to provide adequate knowledge to understand how to solve legal dilemmas, but the information contained in this course should be helpful to assist a student in recognizing that a decision to seek competent legal advice is needed.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the legal system, state and federal laws and ethical issues in the business environment.
  • Understand the legal terminology as it relates to business and various relationships between businesses, the general public, employees, investors and government.
  • Understand what is legal or lawful; what is ethical and/or moral and the differences, if any.
  • Acquire knowledge and understand current case law and statutory laws so that the student can better understand and experience the impact of our legal system on business and business decisions.

Credit Hours

Business Administration


  • None

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