OATC 4020 - Virtual Office Technology


A general overview of the skills needed to perform as a virtual office assistant in the modern office. Emphasis on the use of a time and information management software application. Increased awareness of the role of online meeting/internet telephone communication software in the workplace, Internet research, social networking tools in the workplace, e-commerce, and the use of mobile devices with today's business applications.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate basic skills using social networking tools for workplace tasks.
  2. Demonstrate basic knowledge of mobile devices.
  3. Demonstrate basic knowledge of the various types of online communication tools used for virtual meetings.
  4. Master the use of a communication software package to manage (create, edit, send, open, reply, forward, track) email messages.
  5. Use an electronic calendar component of communication software to create, schedule, invite, edit, and cancel appointments, meetings, or events.
  6. Use electronic mail and the Internet for communicating, locating resources, and downloading files and electronic media.
  7. Demonstrate skills in creating, preparing for, and attending virtual meetings.
  8. Explain the issues, impact, and relationships involved with e-commerce and businesses today
  • Module 1: Social Networking Overview
  • Module 2: Mobile Devices
  • Module 3: Virtual Meetings
  • Module 4: Electronic mail (E-mail)
  • Module 5: Electronic Calendar
  • Module 6: Researching Resources
  • Module 7: Global Business
  • Module 8: Final Project

Credit Hours

Organizational Leadership


  • Varies by Institution

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