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2018 Spring Semester

Business Administration
Course Section Session Title Semester Credit Hours *Instructor
ACCT 210103FFullAccounting Principles I3Susan Robinson
ACCT 210202FFullAccounting Principles II3Joni Hammond
ACCT 325002FFullIntermediate Accounting I3Joni Hammond
ACCT 326002FFullIntermediate Accounting II3Curtis Howell
ACCT 327002FFullIntermediate Accounting III3Curtis Howell
ACCT 328002FFullCost Accounting3Curtis Howell
ACCT 421002FFullAccounting Systems3Joni Hammond
ACCT 423002FFullIncome Tax Accounting3Susan Robinson
ACCT 423502FFullAdvanced Income Tax Accounting3Joe Warther
ACCT 425002FFullAdvanced Cost Accounting3Curtis Howell
ACCT 429002FFullInternal Controls & Auditing3Carol Bishop
ACCT 439002FFullAccounting Practicum3Shannon Perry
BUSA 201002FFullMicrocomputer Applications in Business3Yangil Park
BUSA 210602FFullEnvironment of Business3Bill Nesmith
BUSA 305002FFullBusiness Statistics3Taunita Hightower
BUSA 305003FFullBusiness Statistics3Taunita Hightower
BUSA 306002FFullQuantitative Management3Brian Heshizer
BUSA 310502FFullCommunicating in the Business Environment3Amber DeBaise
BUSA 315002FFullBusiness Finance3Qian Wang
BUSA 315003FFullBusiness Finance3Qian Wang
BUSA 497002FFullBusiness Practicum3Shannon Perry
ECON 210502FFullMacroeconomics3Matthew Bishop
ECON 210602FFullMicroeconomics3Matthew Bishop
MGNT 360003FFullPrinciples of Management3Amber DeBaise
MGNT 360004FFullPrinciples of Management3Tara Bennett
MGNT 361002FFullOperations Management3Cecilia Maldonado
MGNT 365002FFullIntroduction to International Business3Robert Bennett
MGNT 365003FFullIntroduction to International Business3Paco Paredes
MGNT 367002FFullIntro to Human Resource Management3Baek Joo
MGNT 368002FFullOrganizational Theory3Mark Grimes
MGNT 370002FFullInformation Systems for Management3Yangil Park
MGNT 419002FFullStrategic Management3Michael Fathi
MGNT 419003FFullStrategic Management3Michael Fathi
MGNT 426002FFullSmall Business Management/Entrepreneurship3Gaynor Cheokas
MGNT 466002FFullForecasting3Feng Xu
MGNT 469002FFullLabor Relations3Brian Heshizer
MGNT 479002FFullCurrent Issues in Human Resources3Mark Grimes
MKTG 380002FFullPrinciples of Marketing3Suzanne Conner
MKTG 380003FFullPrinciples of Marketing3John Stovall
MKTG 482002FFullConsumer Behavior3Suzanne Conner
MKTG 485002FFullMarketing Channels3John Stovall
MKTG 489002FFullMarketing Management3John Stovall
MKTG 491002FFullMarketing Research3Cecilia Maldonado
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.
Criminal Justice
Course Section Session Title Semester Credit Hours *Instructor
CRJU 350101EFullCriminal Investigation II3Leigh Laughlin
CRJU 420001EFullProfiling the Serial Offender3James Wright
CRJU 110050ESSIIntroduction to Criminal Justice3Leigh Laughlin
CRJU 210050ESSIIntroduction to Law Enforcement3Leigh Laughlin
CRJU 311050ESSICriminal Procedure3Leigh Laughlin
CRJU 370050ESSICriminal Justice Research Methodology3James Wright
CRJU 435080ESSIIFamily Violence3Leigh Laughlin
POLS 310080ESSIIConstitutional Law3Matt Hipps
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.
Financial Technology
Course Section Session Title Semester Credit Hours Instructor
ITEC 244050FSSIIT Entrepreneurship and Innovation3Neil Rigole
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.
Organizational Leadership
Course Section Session Title Semester Credit Hours *Instructor
ORGL 490001EFullOrganizational Internship3staff
COMM 333050ESSIAdvanced Communication Skills3Melanie Conrad
HADM 330350ESSIUS Health Care Systems3Lisa Hunt
OATC 361050ESSIWeb Design and Multimedia3Renita Luck
OATC 370050ESSIDesktop Publishing3Yolanda Surrency
ORGL 205050ESSICommunications for the Workplace3Lori Snaith
ORGL 205051ESSICommunications for the Workplace3Corrine Sweet
ORGL 210050ESSIWriting for Leadership3Jamie Barker
ORGL 300050ESSIReflective Seminar I: Self as Learner1Sarah Kuck
ORGL 320050ESSIIntroduction to Organizational Development3Johnathan Gulledge
ORGL 400050ESSIReflective Seminar III: Transforming Self, Self-Transformation1Sarah Kuck
POLS 360150ESSIPolitical Science Methods II3Heather Mbaye
POLS 420050ESSIPrinciples of Public Administration3Meigan Fields
POLS 421950ESSIPublic Human Resource Management3Paul Rutledge
POLS 421951ESSIPublic Human Resource Management3Kathleen Barrett
COMM 333080ESSIIAdvanced Communication Skills3Misty Wilson
ENGL 340580ESSIIProfessional and Technical Writing3Crystal Shelnutt
ENGL 340581ESSIIProfessional and Technical Writing3Melanie Jordan
HADM 330280ESSIIHealth Care Economics3Debbie Gilbert
HADM 330480ESSIIHealth Care Communication3Lisa Hunt
OATC 402080ESSIIVirtual Office Technology3Debbie Gilbert
ORGL 150080ESSIIProfiles of Leaders3Dylan McLean
ORGL 305080ESSIIReflective Seminar II: Self in Context1Sarah Kuck
ORGL 320080ESSIIIntroduction to Organizational Development3Johnathan Gulledge
ORGL 340080ESSIITechnology for Organizations3Corrine Sweet
ORGL 469080ESSIIOrganizational Leadership Capstone3Sarah Kuck
POLS 420080ESSIIPrinciples of Public Administration3Robert Wilkes
POLS 420280ESSIIInterorganizational Behavior3Anthony Fleming
POLS 420480ESSIIPublic Finance3Vance Gray
POLS 421580ESSIIManagement of Non-Profit Organizations3Sooho Lee
POLS 421880ESSIIProject Management in the Public Sector3Tijan Drammeh
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.