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The Georgia FinTech Academy, a collaboration between Georgia’s FinTech industry and the University System of Georgia, is a talent development initiative that gives learners the specialized educational experiences needed to enter the FinTech sector regardless of where they live in the state or the college in which they enroll.

What is FinTech

Financial Technology, or FinTech, encompasses all of the “behind the scenes” operations that occur to make financial services more convenient. Every time you swipe a debit card, make a mobile bank deposit, pay a bill online, or send money to a friend, there are multiple FinTech companies working simultaneously to make those transactions possible.

Atlanta’s Transaction Alley

  • 70% of all credit, debit and gift card swipes are processed through a Georgia company.
  • Georgia’s FinTech industry has an estimated need for 5,000 FinTech-ready professionals by 2021, and 2,000 annually after 2023.
  • More than 15 million global card-enabled merchants rely upon Georgia companies.
  • Salaries for certain postitions in this field can reach six figures just out of college!

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This FinTech Track is Money!

Future-Proof FinTech Careers

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App Development
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Fraud Prevention
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Data Analytics
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FinTech Core Courses

For students with an interest in FinTech, a good way to explore that interest further is by taking an introductory course as an elective. Sampling courses as electives allows students an opportunity to explore a given subject area as a potential career choice before pursuing that path.

The following courses have been developed by Georgia State University as part of the Georgia FinTech Academy and are available as both online and hybrid collaborative courses through USG eCampus at 15 participating colleges and universities:

Foundations of FinTech
Financial Technologies
Commercial Banking and FinTech
Introduction to Financial Data Analytics
Introduction to Information Security for FinTech
Students must be admitted through a participating USG institution in order to enroll in the FinTech Core Courses. Please submit the eMajor Request for Information form for more information about enrolling in the FinTech Core Courses.

Check with your advisor about potential FinTech certifications and credentials offered at your institution.

Two Ways to Attend


  • Traditional eMajor Online Courses
  • 100% Online Course Delivery
  • Asynchronous Format
  • Free Online Tutoring
  • Student Success Coaches
  • Low $199/Credit Hour Tuition Rate


  • Combination of Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Course Delivery
  • Virtually Attend On-Campus Courses at GSU
  • Free Online Tutoring
  • Student Success Coaches
  • $199/Credit Hour Tuition Rate

How To Register

1. Register

To register for the FinTech Academy core courses, you must first be admitted to a participating USG college or university.

2. Appointment

Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the FinTech courses and any steps to take prior to registration.

3. Search

Search for the FTA prefix when registering for classes.

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