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eMajor Textbooks

The required textbooks for eMajor classes are available for purchase at

While students are strongly encouraged to purchase their textbooks from the bookstore, it is not mandatory. If you choose to purchase your books elsewhere, you are responsible for ensuring that you receive the correct textbooks and that you receive them in a timely manner.

Introduction to Business ACED 1100 E01 Understanding Business (CUSTOM LOOSE LEAF) Nickels 10th 9780073517599
Beginning Keyboarding ACED 2000 E01

Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing Lessons 1-60 Kit 1 Word 2013
New Book Required: Yes

Book Notes: Kit includes a REQUIRED Student Registration Card that can also be used for ACED 2300. NOTE: (1) Kit includes a REQUIRED Student Registration Card that can also be used for ACED 2300. (2) Students will need access to Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 on the computer they will be using. The software will NOT work with MAC Word 2011.

Ober 11th 9780077824631
Communications for the Workplace ACED 2050 E01 There is an Aplia access code that is included with the purchase of a NEW textbook; however, if students purchase an old textbook or decide to use an electronic textbook, they will have to purchase the Aplia access code separately. Guffey 8th 9781305135598
Intermediate Keyboarding ACED 2300 E01

Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing Lessons 61-120 Kit 2 Word 2013; Students who purchased the access code for ACED 2000, can use the same access code for this class. ACCESS CODE IS REQUIRED. It is included in the new kit. A standalone access code is also available for purchase, in case (a) one is lost, or (b) the student purchased a used Kit 2. The ISBN for the ACCESS CODE ALONE is: 9780077319441, available from the publisher at

Ober, Johnson, Zimmerly 11th 9780077819262
Computer Technology Workplace

ACED 2400

E01, E02, E03

MS Office 2013 Illustrated Intro 1st Series w/ SAM PAC


Beskeen 1st 9781285732657

MS Office 2013 180 day Trial w/Coursenotes PAC

This item is optional. Students who don't already have Microsoft Office 2013 can purchase this item so that they will have MS Office 2013 to use for their class assignments.

Cengage   9781285730769
Desktop Publishing ACED 2700 E01 NO TEXT REQUIRED VSU   No Text
Computer Systems ACED 3100 E01 Technology in Action Complete 10E Evans   9780133056228
Computerized Office Accounting ACED 3101 E01

Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks 2013
New Book Required: No

Book Notes: Windows XP or newer is needed. This textbook purchased NEW comes with a CD that contains the QuickBooks 2013 software. If you purchase the textbook used, make sure that the QuickBooks software CD has NEVER been installed. It has a 140-day use feature. You must have QuickBooks 2013 software.

Kathleen Villani and James B. Rosa 1st 9780763853143
Computer System for the Office ACED 3150 E01

Understanding Computers in a Changing Society
New Book Required: Yes

Deborah Morley 6th 9781305524460
Applied Computer Technology ACED 3400 E01 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Web Design and Multimedia ACED 3610 E01 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Virtual Office Technology ACED 4020 E01 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Office Management ACED 4050 E01 Administrative Office Management Short Course Gibson 13th 0538727691
Office Applications ACED 4070 E01        
Administrative Office Procedure ACED 4160 E01

Office Procedures for the 21st Century

Burton 8th 9780135063897
Project Management for Technical Professions ACED 4820 E01        
Introduction to Criminal Justice CRJU 1100 Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction Pearson Education Smallenger, F.J. 11th ISBN-13: 978-0133591316
ISBN-10: 013359131X
Introduction to Law Enforcement CRJU 2100 2015: Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices. Pearson Education Peak, K 8th ISBN-13: 978-0133495652 ISBN-10: 0133495655
Criminal Law CRJU 3100 Criminal Law (2015) Pearson Moore, JL and Worral, John L. 1st ISBN-13: 978-0131383173 ISBN-10: 0131383175
Corrections CRJU 3300 . (2016) American Corrections, Cengage Clear, T. , Reisig, M. and Cole, G 11th ISBN-10: 1305093305
ISBN-13: 978-1305093300
Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice CRJU 4700 (2014). Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice. Wadsworth Publishing Pollock, JM 8th ISBN-13: 978-1285062662
ISBN-10: 1285062663
Writing for Business ENGL 3010 Successgful Writing at Work
New Book Required: No
Kolin 10 9781111834791
Writing Legal/Social Science Profressions ENGL 3030 E01 A Practical Guide to Legal Writing & Legal Method Dernbach 4th 9780735591899
Heath Care Organizations HADM 3301 E01 Healthcare Management: Organizational Design & Behavior Burns, Bradley, Weiner  6th 9781435488182
Health Care Economics HADM 3302 E01 Health Care Economics Feldstein, Paul J.  7th 9781111313265
U S Health Care Systems HADM 3303 E01 The U.S. Health System: Origins and Functions Camille K. Barsukiewicz, Ph.D.; Marshall W. Raffel, Ph.D.; Norma K. Raffel 6th 9781418052980
Health Care Communication HADM 3304 E01 Communicating About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives Athena du Pre 3rd 9780195380330
Designing Health Communication Messages HADM 4301 80E Health Communication Message Design: Theory and Practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication. Cho, H.   978-1-4129-8655-7
Health Care Compliance HADM 4401       978-1-4283-2004-8
Health Information Management HADM 4402       13: 978-1-133-59247-1
Intro to Paralegalism LEAS 1100 E01 The Empowered Paralegal   Mongue, Robert E.   978-1-59460-685-4
Legal Research I LEAS 3200 E01 Legal Research, Analysis and Writing HAMES 5th 9780133495034
Legal Research II LEAS 3201 E01 Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing Joanne Banker Hames and Yvonne Ekern, Pearson 5th 9780133495034
Pre-Trial Preparation/Procedure LEAS 3210 E01 The Litigation Paralegal, A Systems Approach James W.H.McCord, J.D., Cengage 5th 9781418016043
Criminal Law and Procedure for the Paralegal LEAS 3230 E01 McCord, James W.H. and Sandra L. McCord.  Criminal Law and Procedure: A Systems Approach Thomson, Delmar Learning 4th 9781435440166
  LEAS 3250 E01 Practical Law Office Management Roper 3rd 9781418029708
Family Law LEAS 4200 E01 Family Law for the Paralegal Ehrlich, J. Shoshana 6th 9780735587731
Consumer Law LEAS 4210 E01 CONSUMER LAW & PROTECTION BEVANS   9781594608377
Special Topics in LEAS LEAS 4802 E01 The Law of Healthcare Administration,
Health Administration Press
J. Stuart Showalter, JD, 7th 978-1-56793-644-5
Reflective Seminar I ORGL 3000 E01, E02 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Reflective Seminar II ORGL 3050 E01, E02 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Reflective Seminar III ORGL 4000 E01, E02 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Capstone Seminar ORGL 4690 E01, E02 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Prior Learning Documentation PLA 2000 E01 Earn college credit for what you know Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt   978-0-7575-9691-9
Intro to Public Administration POLS 3600 E01 The Politics of the Administrative Process Donald F. Kettl. 6th 978-1-4833-3293-2
PADM and Public Policy Formation POLS 3610 E01 Understanding Public policy Dye, Thomas 14th 9780205238828
Government Org/Admin Theory POLS 4600 E01 Theories of Public Organization Robert B. Denhardt 6th 978143908623
Classic Readings in Organizational Behavior J. Steven Ott, Sandra J. Parkes, Richard B. Simpson 4th 9780495094746
Public Personnel Admin POLS 4610 E01 Public Personnel Management Klinger, Donald E., John Nalbandian, and Jared Llorens 6th 10: 0136026885 or 13: 9780136026884
Public Finance Administration POLS 4620 E01 A Budgeting Guide for Local Government
Bland, Robert L. 3rd 10: 0873267672
13: 9780873267670
Intergovernmental Relations POLS 4650 E01 American Intergovernmental Relations: A Fragmented Federal Polity [Paperback] Stephens, G. Ross and Nelson Wikstrom   0195172027
Project Management for PA POLS 4800 Fundamentals of Project Management Joseph Heagney   9780814417485‏
Public Relations in PA POLS 4860 E01 NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Project Management for PA POLS 4860 81E

Fundamentals of Project Management

Joseph Heagney.J.  4th 9780814417485.
Website Admin/Strat: Plan/Eval POLS 4860 80E WordPress For Dummies Lisa Sabin-Wilson 6th 978-1-118-79161-5
Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content Jones, Colleen 1st 10: 0321733010 | 13: 978-0321733016
Information Management POLS 4860 82E NO TEXT REQUIRED      
Intro to I/O Psychology PSYC 3800 Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Research and Practice Spector, Paul E.