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Spring 2016

Course Name Course Number Course Required Material Author Edition ISBN 13
Beginning Keyboarding ACED-2000 Gregg College Keyboarding and Document Processing Word 2013: Kit 1 Ober, Scot 11TH 11 9780077824631
Communications for the Wrkplce ACED-2050 Business Communication (LL) - With 2 Access Guffey, Mary Ellen / Loewy, Dana 8TH 15 9781305135598
Intermediate Keyboarding ACED-2300 Gregg College Keyboard... Less 61-120 Kit 2 Ober, Scot 11TH 14 9780077819262
Computer Technology Workplace ACED-2400 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Applied Computer Technology ACED-3400 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Web Design and Multimedia ACED-3610 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, Illustrated Bishop, Sherry 2013 9781133526025
Virtual Office Technology ACED-4020 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Workforce Dev & Management ACED-4050 Administrative Office Management, Short Course Odgers, Pattie 13TH 05 9780538727693
Office Applications ACED-4070 ACED 4070 Office Applications McGraw-Hill Create 1ST 9780077725037
Administrative Office Procedur ACED-4160 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Intro To Criminal Justice CRJU-1100 Criminal Justice: Brief Introduction Schmalleger, Frank 9TH 12 9780137069835
Criminal Procedure CRJU-3110 Criminal Procedure Lippman, Matthew 2011 9781412981309
Criminology CRJU-3200 Criminology Today (Looseleaf) Schmalleger, Frank J. 6TH 12 9780132705837
Crime and the Media CRJU-3250 Media and Crime Jewkes, Yvonne 2ND 11 9781848607033
Juvenile Delinquency & Justice CRJU-3400 Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Practice, and Law Siegel, Larry J. 11TH 12 9781111346898
The Law of Criminal Evidence CRJU-4110 Criminal Evidence: Principles and Cases Gardner, Thomas J. 9TH 16 9781285459004
Writing for Business ENGL-3010 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Applied Linguistics for ESOL ESOL-4010 (1) Spreading the Word: Language and Dialect in America
(2) Language Files
(1) McWhorter, John
(2) Ohio State University, Department of Linguistics
(1) 2000
(2) 11TH 11
(1) 9780325001982
(2) 9780814251799
Cultural Pers for ESOL ESOL-4020 Language, Culture, and Communication Bonvillain, Nancy 7TH 14 9780205917648
Mthds/Materials Tchng ESOL ESOL-4030 Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP Model Echevarria, Jana J. 4TH 13 9780132689724
Beg Fr Intr Francophone Cult I FREN-1001 Espaces - With Ss., Vtext and Websam (Looseleaf) Mitchell, James G./Tano, Cheryl 3RD 15 9781626800823
Beg Fr Intr Francophone Cult II FREN-1002 Espaces - With Ss., Vtext and Websam (Looseleaf) Mitchell, James G./Tano, Cheryl 3RD 15 9781626800823
Int Fr Lng/Francophone Cult 1 FREN-2001 Espaces - With Ss., Vtext and Websam (Looseleaf) Mitchell, James G./Tano, Cheryl 3RD 15 9781626800823
Intermediate Conversation FREN-2010 (1) Du tac au tac: Managing Conversations in French-With Access
(2) Pronounce It Perfectly In French -With CD
(3) Collins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary
(1) Bragger, Jeannette D.
(2) Kendris
(3) Harper Collins
(1) 4TH 14
(2) 3RD 13
(3) 9TH 10
(1) 9781133311270
(2) 9781438072814
(3) 9780061962998
French Composition FREN-3002 Taches d'encre Siskin, H. Jay/Krueger, Cheryl/Fauvel, Maryse 3RD 12 9780495915539
French Phonetics and Phonology FREN-3300 Savoir Dire - Text Only Dansereau, Diane 2ND 06 9780618507061
Business French FREN-4210 (1) A la recherche d’un emploi: Business French in a Communicative Context
( 2) Parlons affaires! Initiation au Français économique et Commercial
(1) Hubbell, Amy
(2) Berg, R.-J., and Heather McCoy
(1) 2010
(2) 3RD 13
(1) 9781585103720
(2) 9781133311256
U S Health Care Systems HADM-3303 Fundamentals of U. S. Health Care Yesalis, Charles E. 2013 9781428317352
Health Care Communication HADM-3304 Communicating About Health: Current Issues and Perspectives DuPré, Athena 4TH 14 9780199990276
Intro to Paralegalism LEAS-1100 Empowered Paralegal Mongue, Robert E. 2009 9781594606854
Legal Research II LEAS-3201 Legal Research, Analysis, and Writing Hames, Joanne B./Ekern, Yvonne 5TH 15 9780133495034
Pre-Trial Preparation/Procdur LEAS-3210 Litigation Paralegal: A Systems Approach -With workbook McCord, James W.H. 5TH 08 9781428323445
Consumer Law LEAS-4210 Consumer Law and Protection Bevans, Neal R. 2011 9781594608377
Special Topics Immigration Law LEAS-4802 Immigration Law For Paralegals Casablanca 4TH 15 9781611635140
Reflective Seminar I ORGL-3000 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Reflective Seminar II ORGL-3050 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Reflective Seminar III ORGL-4000 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Capstone Seminar ORGL-4690 NO TEXT REQUIRED
Prior Learning Documentation PLA-2000 Earn College Credit for What You Know Colvin, Janet 5TH 12 9780757596919
Intr to Public Administration POLS-3600 Politics of Administrative Process Kettl, Donald F. 6TH 15 9781483332932
Government Org/Admin Theory POLS-4600 (1) Classic Readings in Organizational Behavior
(2) Theories of Public Organization
(1) Ott
(2) Denhardt
(1) 4TH
(2) 7TH
(1) 9780495094746
(2) 9781285436333
Public Personnel Admin POLS-4610 Public Personnel Management: Contexts and Strategies Klingner, Donald E. 6TH 10 9780136026884
Public Finance Administration POLS-4620 Budgeting: Guide for Local Government Bland, Robert L. 3RD 13 9780873267670
Intergovernmental Relations POLS-4650 American Intergovermental Relations: Fragmented Federal Polity Stephens, G. Ross 2007 9780195172027
Directed Study in Pol Science POLS-4700 CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTOR
Special Topics Web Admin/Strat: Create/Publish POLS-4860 The Content Strategist's Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right Meghan Casey 1ST 9780134105109
Special Topics Public Relations in PA POLS-4860-50E Practice of Government Public Relations Lee, Mordecai / Neeley, Grant / Stewart, Kendra 2011 9781439834657
Special Topics Project Management in PA POLS-4860-51E Fundamentals of Project Management Heagney, Joseph 4TH 12 9780814417485
Industrial/Organizational PSYC PSYC-3800 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Spector, Paul E. 6TH 12 9780470949764
Bg Spa Lng/Intr Hispnc Cult I SPAN-1001 Plazas : Lugar de encuentros (Looseleaf) - With Access Hershberger, Robert 4TH 12 9781111698713
9781305791800 (VSU EDITION)
Bg Spa Lng/Intr Hispnc Cult II SPAN-1002 Plazas : Lugar de encuentros (Looseleaf) - With Access Hershberger, Robert 4TH 12 9781111698713
9781305791800 (VSU EDITION)
Inter Spa Lng/Hispnc Cult I SPAN-2001 Plazas : Lugar de encuentros (Looseleaf) - With Access Hershberger, Robert 4TH 12 9781111698713
9781305791800 (VSU EDITION)
Intermediate Grammar SPAN-3000 Avance! Intermediate Spanish - With Access Bretz, Mary Lee 3RD 14 9781259679780
SPAN Conv for Professionals SPAN-3012 (1) Basic Spanish for Medical Personnel
(2) Basic Spanish for Business and Finance
(3) Basic Spanish for Law Enforcement
(1) Jarvis, Ana
(2) Jarvis, Ana
(3) Jarvis, Ana
(1) 2ND 14
(2) 2ND 14
(3) 2ND 14
(1) 9780495902706
(2) 9780495902751
(3) 9781133810360
Lang Cult Adv Conversation SPAN-3014 Civilization Y Cultura : Intermediate Spanish Sandstedt, Lynn A. 11TH 14 9781133956808
Civilization/Culture of Spain SPAN-3150 Espana Y Su Civilizacion-Actualizada Ugarte, Francisco 6TH 09 9780073385204
Intro Hispanic Literature SPAN-3200 Album Cuentos del mundo hispánico, Cuarta edición Renjilian-Burgy 4th 9781133941040
Spanish Phonetics and Phonology SPAN-4110 Sonido Sentido - With CD Guitart, Jorge M. / Lipski, John M. 2004 9781589010260