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Two weeks before courses begin, students receive a welcome email to their campus email account. This email, sent from emajor@ecampus.usg.edu, will explain how to access an eMajor course. If you have not received this email by the first day of class, contact the eMajor Helpdesk by calling 678-839-6400 or emailing emajor@ecampus.usg.edu.

When the welcome email is received, students will be able to log in to GoVIEW. Although course access does not open until the first day of the term, students will now have access to the eConnection course, a self-paced student tutorial. This tutorial provides success tips, navigational practice, and an introduction to the learning environment.

Once students have access to their courses on the first day of the term, they can expect to receive important communication and updates from their professors through the course email tool or course announcements.

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