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Instructional Support

Many of the instructional support services that students would expect to be available on campus are now available online.

This section will provide information on the following:

Library Resources


The extensive resources of GALILEO are available to all eMajor students and can be accessed through the homepage of their eMajor course. As a world wide web-based virtual library, it provides access to multiple information resources, including secured access to licensed products. Students have access to over 100 databases indexing thousands of periodicals and scholarly journals. Over 2000 journal titles are provided in full-text. Other resources include encyclopedias, business directories, and government publications.

The community of more than 2000 GALILEO institutions includes the University System of Georgia, K-12 schools, public libraries, technical institutes and colleges, and a group of private academic colleges and universities.

GALILEO Interconnected Libraries, or GIL, is an extension of GALILEO designed to enhance and expand educational opportunities. GIL provides students, faculty, and staff expanded access to the information resources of the University System's Libraries by offering a gateway to information resources held in the University System of Georgia (USG) libraries.

GIL integrates into one system, which contains:

  • A web-based online union catalog of all the book collections of the University System (over six million volumes - 60% of the titles are unique)
  • A circulation system with self-service options
  • Fund accounting
  • Cataloging
  • Check-in
  • Control functions

Students may initiate book requests directly from other libraries by using a computer or from within other libraries.

eCampus Librarian Support & Services

Access to the eCampus Librarian Support & Services course is now available to all eMajor students. This course gives students online access to a librarian who can assist with the following:

  • Research: They will help you find the best databases to use for your topic, set up a search strategy and walk you through it, and help locate materials.
  • Finding Appropriate Materials: Embedded Librarians will show you different methods of obtaining the materials, such as academic journals, popular magazine and newspaper articles, streaming videos, images and charts, and eBooks, you need for your classwork.
  • Formatting and Citation Style: Librarians direct you to the information you need to format your paper and various types of citations, both reference and in-text, for whichever style your instructor requires (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). They will also double check citations you have written. Note: for proofing of papers, Librarians can direct you to the appropriate resources (like Free Online Tutoring and campus writing centers) for help.
  • Finding Study Aids: Depending on the topic, the course, and/or the instructor's requirements, Librarians can find online tools to assist you with studying for your exams.
  • Microsoft Office Programs: Librarians can assist you with using Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

The eCampus Librarians provide support through a variety of avenues and resources, such as Discussion Boards to which students can post questions or discuss various research related topics, Video Tutorials on topics like "Avoiding Plagiarism" or "GALILEO Tips"” and links to outside resources.

eCampus Librarians also offer virtual office hours during which students can receive one on one help through real-time chat or Blackboard Collaborate.

Students may access the eCampus Librarian Support & Services course by selecting the course from the drop down menu on their GoVIEW homepage or by clicking on the eCampus Librarian Support and Services widgit located within each course.

Instructional Support FAQs

Please refer to the eMajor website for more information concerning your eMajor username and password.

If you have logged in before, changed your password, and have forgotten that password:

You may change your own password by clicking the forgot your password link on the GoVIEW log in page. If you choose to reset your password you will need to wait 5-10 minutes for the change to be processed OR refresh your browser window. If you still cannot access GoVIEW, please contact the eMajor Helpline at 678-839-6400, 1-855-9EMAJOR or

Visit the eMajor Website for more information on logging into your course or contact the eMajor helpdesk 678-839-6400 or 1-855-9EM-AJOR to have the email sent again.

Students in a collaborative eMajor program may purchase required textbooks through any textbook vendor. Campus bookstores are not required to stock eMajor textbooks for collaborative programs; however, a list of textbook information can be found on the eMajor website each term if the bookstore wishes to stock or special order the textbooks for students.

Contact the eMajor helpdesk 678-839-6400 or 1-855-9EM-AJOR for assistance with logging into GoVIEW.

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