Online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Degree

The purpose of the online criminal justice degree is to prepare students for employment within the criminal justice system in the areas of municipal, state, and federal law enforcement; corrections; juvenile justice and probation, etc. by providing students with a foundation of the knowledge, principles, theories, and functions common to the American Criminal Justice system.

Upon completion of the online criminal justice degree, students will demonstrate mastery of the essential content of the criminology core curriculum, demonstrate the ability to critically analyze major concepts and theoretical perspectives in criminal justice, demonstrate an understanding of essential elements of academic and professional writing, demonstrate an understanding of academic and professional research and scholarship and demonstrate an understanding of professional and ethical values in the criminal justice field.

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Area A-F (60 Hours)

Course Course Title Hours
CRJU 3100 Criminal Law 3
CRJU 3110 Criminal Procedures 3
CRJU 3200 Criminology 3
CRJU 3300 Corrections 3
CRJU 3700 Research Methodology 3
CRJU 4700 Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 4800 Senior Capstone 3

An optional concentration in law enforcement can be completed by choosing 30 hours from the courses designated with an (*) asterisk

Course Course Title Hours
CRJU 3250 Crime and Media 3
CRJU 3350 Drugs in America *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3400 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3500 Criminal Investigations *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3501 Criminal Investigations II *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3600 Criminal Justice Administration *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3710 Special Topics in Criminal Justice *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3800 Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice *required for concentration 3
CRJU 3810 Victimology *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4000 Internship in Criminal Justice 3
CRJU 4110 Law of Criminal Evidence *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4200 Profiling Serial Offenders *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4210 Terrorism and the Criminal Justice System *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4300 Community Corrections *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4350 Family Violence *required for concentration 3
CRJU 4500 Management of Forensics 3
CRJU 4600 Police Problems and Practices *required for concentration 3
POLS 3100 Constitutional Law 3
PSYC 3850 Forensic Psychology 3
SOCI 3800 Development of Criminal Behavior 3

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