Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Courses

Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Courses (WIRC) are designed for those interested in learning how to navigate interpersonal relationships in the workplace by understanding the genesis of conflict and by developing strategies and mastering essential skills to address and transform conflict. Competent workers are able to embrace multiplicity of thoughts and opinions and synergize these perspectives for goal accomplishment. Consequently, these interdisciplinary courses are inviting students at the undergraduate level to learn the basic principles, theories and skills for leading, creating change and transforming conflict.

Alternative Conflict Resolution
Applied Workplace Interpersonal Skills
Strategies for Conflict Transformation: Theories & Tools
Sociology of Work & Occupations
Advanced Communication Skills
Intro to Organizational Development
Professional Ethics
Confident young woman conversing with colleagues in a meeting
Students must be admitted through a participating USG institution in order to enroll in Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Courses. Please submit the eMajor Request for Information form for more information about enrolling in Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Courses.

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To register for Workplace Interpersonal Relationships Courses, you must first be admitted to a participating USG college or university.

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