Organizational Leadership

Healthcare Administration

This concentration prepares students for a career as a health administrator through the study of leadership issues specific to the healthcare industry. Health administrators may find employment in various areas including hospitals, long term care facilities, medical practices, outpatient centers, government agencies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and many more.

Available at these partner institutions
Area A-E (42 hours)
Area F (18 hours approved by advisor)
Major Core (30 hours) Required for all concentrations
Course Course Title Hours
ORGL 2050 (ACED 2050) Communications for the Workplace 3
ORGL 3400 (ACED 3400) Technology for Organizations 3
POLS 4218 (ACED 4820/POLS 4860) Project Management in the Public Sector 3
ENGL 3405 (ENGL 3010/3030) Professional and Technical Writing 3
POLS 4200 (POLS 3600) Principles of Public Administration 3
POLS 4219 (POLS 4610) Public Human Resource Management 3
POLS 4204 (POLS 4620) Public Finance 3
ORGL 3200 (PSYC 3800) Introduction to Organizational Development 3
ORGL 3000 Reflective Seminar I: Self as Learner 1
ORGL 3050 Reflective Seminar II: Self in Context 1
ORGL 4000 Reflective Seminar III: Transforming Self, Self-Transformation 1
ORGL 4690 Organizational Leadership Capstone 3
Upper Level Guided Electives
(12 hrs) (pick 12 hours (4 courses) from the following)
Course Course Title Hours
HADM 3304 Health Care Communication 3
HADM 4301 Design Communication 3
HADM 4402 Health Information Management 3
HADM 4401 Health Care Compliance 3
HADM 3302 Health Care Economics 3
HADM 3303 US Health Care Systems 3
HADM 3301 Health Care Organizations 3
General Electives (18 hours) as approved by advisor

Transfer credit and lower-level coursework can be used to satisfy this requirement.