NURS 3195 - Evidence Based Practice


Focuses on the evidence based practice process to enable students to become informed consumers of research and capable of applying evidence, professional experience, and patient preferences in their practices. This course includes research design, appraisal of selected nursing studies andidentification and search of PICO(T) questions and guideline topics. Students will also be involved in developing practice guidelines for dissemination.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Summarize principles of evidence based practice and its relevance to nursing practice.
  2. Develop searchable PICO(T) questions.
  3. Evaluate multiple databases to successfully search for evidence.
  4. Appraise various types of evidence.
  5. Design an evidence based plan of care for a select population based on the use of a chosen clinical guideline.

Credit Hours



  • STAT 1127 with a grade of C or better and admission to RN-BSN program

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