Course Descriptions

ENGL 3405 - Professional and Technical Writing *(ENGL 3010/3030)


This course will introduce students to basic ethical and rhetorical concepts that govern a multitude of professional and technical situations. Highlighting the importance of the writing process, this course will concentrate on the fundamentals within professional writing communities in order to train students in effective and persuasive communication. Students will gain intensive practice in composing powerful audience-driven documents such as letters, memos, and job application materials, as well as instructions and formal reports. Covering a wide range of business principles- from gathering data through primary and secondary research to the planning and organizing of workplace genre sets- this provides practical advice regarding the professional standards that students will encounter in their future careers. Moreover, students will learn to craft effective presentations supported with appropriate documentary and visual aids as they collaborate on technical research and reporting projects with peers.

*ENGL 3010/3030 may also be used to satisfy this requirement in the degree program.


Credit Hours


  • ENGL 1102

CPL Eligible